Attempting Everest required both preparation and passion!
A Long Preparation with Sport Challenges

"Challenge yourself, it's the only path to growth" Norman Freeman.

Sport contributes to my life balance, alongside my work in Intensive Care. Sporting events are a way to surpass ourself, to meet extraordinary people, and to explore the incredible capacities of our body.

When I ran my first marathon at the age of 20, I knew that I would do my best to climb Everest one day. Since then, I have run several marathons as well as many cross-country ski races and triathlons - including the Iron Man in Nice. I have also climbed increasingly high summits!

A Woman!

Less than 10% of the competitors of the Nice Iron Man were women. In Alpinism, the figures are fairly similar.

List of Sports Challenges

A Passion for Alpinism

Since my first experience on a glacier at the age of 11, I have never ceased to marvel at the majesty of mountains. Whether it was on the Alpine peaks, most memorably on the top of the Mont Blanc in France or the Mont Rose in Switzerland, I never feel so alive as when I am above the clouds! I feel so strong in front of a sublime landscape and at the same time so humble before the immensity of nature.

My thrilling 3-week expedition in Kyrgyzstan to climb the Lenin Peak at 7130m without oxygen made me want to go higher.

The next step was naturally to attempt a summit over 8000m high!

The Everest Expedition

Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world at 8849m and is located between Tibet and Nepal.

It is called "Chomolungma" in Tibetan which means "mother goddess of the world" and its Nepalese name is "Sagarmatha" or "top of the ocean of existence".

In 1953 Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first to climb it.

Before 18: Grand Paradis (4060m), glaciers in Vanoise, France

2013: GR20 (Corsica), Mount Blanc (4800m, France)

2014: Transjurassienne (cross-country skiing), Paris Marathon

2015: Transvercors (cross-country skiing)

2017: Half Iron Man (Luxembourg), Mont Rose (Switzerland),

Florence Marathon

2018: Lenin Peak (7130m without oxygen, Kyrgyzstan)

2019: Transvercors (cross-country skiing), Half Iron Man (Dijon)

Iron Man of Nice (France)

2021: Everest (8849m)

The expedition lasted 5 weeks from the beginning of April to mid May 2021.

I started on May 3rd from base-camp (5400m), to camp 1 (5950m), camp 2 (6400m), camp 3 (7500m) and camp 4 (8000m). I reached the summit at 8849m on May 11th at 10am ! 

A French video about the expedition 
Série Hors-Normes