Take part in this project , climb Mount Everest with me!

If you are an individual:

The success of my project depends on you! Like and share my videos and my website on your social network, my project will only be known through you!


You can also contribute financially to support medical research via the donation collection site which does not charge any commission. All of your donations will go entirely and directly to the medical research unit.


If you are a company:

By becoming a partner of this project you will support:

-a project encompassing sport challenges, health care, and feminine strength

-medical research in Virology: the excess of all the sponsors will be directly donated to either INSERM or to the international organization: ICE-HBV. You will be making a difference for people living with Hepatitis B worldwide. Tax deductibility for ICE-HBV is available for tax payers in Hong Kong, the US, Canada and the UK.

You will reinforce and promote your brand image in sport and medicine in a particular sanitary period.

You will be a key contributor to this adventure: your company logo on the Top of the World shall be visible by everyone on YouTube videos, the social media and the press.

Partners of this project!
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